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Latest from RNC: Reaction to Cruz speech, GWB worried he may be last GOP prez

The Bush family has made it clear their feelings for Donald Trump. Former President George W. Bush, who has stayed out of the political fray since leaving offices in January 2008, told a group of former aides and aids at a gathering in April he  feared for the parties future.

“I’m worried I will be the last Republican president,” Bush told the group at a Dallas gathering.

Jeb Bush, who was a candidate this year, former President George W. Bush and their father, former President George H.W. Bush, declined to attend this year’s convention. Neither Mitt Romney or John McCain, the party’s last two presidential nominees have appeared. The only living candidate to attend was Bob Dole.

The fallout from Ted Cruz’s speech continued Thursday morning, the last day of the convention. Boos overwhelmed cheers when Cruz ended his speech urging people “to vote their conscience,” while the crowd wanted him to openly endorse Donald Trump. Trump came into the crowd toward the end while the boos rained. Cruz’s wife Heidi was escorted from the arena due to angry delegates.

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