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RNC Night 3 – Eric Trump

Eric Trump‘s speech focused on pushing his father’s desire to fix the issues in the country.

He brought up an appearance his father made on Oprah years  ago, where she asked him if he would ever run for president. Trump’s answer was he only would if things “were to get bad enough.”

Trump brought up Katie Steinle, a woman whose parents were from Greenville. She was killed in San Francisco after she was shot by an illegal immigrant who had been previously released by the San Francisco Police Department. The gun he used was stolen from a ranger working for the Bureau of Land Management.

Trump continued to hail his dad as his hero and spoke of his values and why he would make a great president.

“Vote for the guy who doesn’t need this job.”

CNN’s roundtable praised Eric Trump’s speech, which received a rousing ovation and changed the mood in the arena after Cruz was booed loudly.

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