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RNC Day 1 – Michael Flynn, former head of Defense Intelligence Agency


Retired Lt. General Michael Flynn, the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, brought back the thunder of Rudy Giuliani, blasting the Obama administration for its foreign policy.

“Because of Obama’s ill-advised actions, the world has lost faith in our leadership. Radical Islamic terrorism is metastasizing. We’ve become the worst enemies and the worst friends.”

Flynn said America has numerous challenges and threats. Adversaries are mocking American willpower and we should never let them doubt our resolve to win. He said the country is facing existential threats in the cyberworld and elsewhere.

On ISIS: “We can’t continue down this path. Our very existence is threatened. What keeps me up at night, is the rise of radical Islamism and its barbaric cause. We must take serious these enemies have WMD and have intents to use them.”

“We don’t need a weak, spineless president who is more concerned with issuing apologies than protecting America. We don’t a president that doesn’t believe that she is above the law.”

At this point, a “lock her up” chant started, which Flynn repeated and encouraged. He called on Clinton to drop out of the race.




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