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Ohio Rep says sheriffs should 'completely ignore' Kasich's order

Voters back paid maternity leave, poll finds

Most Ohio voters say women should be guaranteed paid maternity leave, should be paid equal to what a man makes for the same job and should have insurance coverage for birth control without co-pays, according to a new poll commissioned by two liberal groups
Progress Ohio released poll results on Monday from Public Policy Polling and said the results show Republicans are out of step with what voters want.
“Fair pay, paid family leave and the ability to determine whether and when to have children are not only essential to our families’ financial health, they are popular with Ohioans,” said ProgressOhio Executive Director Sandy Theis in a written statement.
Pollsters surveyed 739 Ohio voters on Sept. 22-23 and found:
79 percent support guaranteed paid maternity leave
53 percent support insurance coverage of birth control without co-pays
74 percent support equal pay for women doing the same job as men
55 percent support women being allowed to chose abortion if the fetus is diagnosed as having Downs Syndrome.
The poll also found that 63 percent of voters said a presidential candidate who favors a total ban on abortion is less likely to get their vote.
The poll was commissioned by Majority Ohio, a non-partisan organization focused on women’s economic and health care issues in the presidential race. ProgressOhio is a partner with Majority Ohio.

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