Meeting in the storage room

With its offices in disarray during a $1.7 million renovation the Montgomery County Board of Elections on Monday resorted to meeting in a storage room in the Montgomery County Administration building in downtown Dayton. Here they are surrounded by boxes full of elections equipment and voting  machines.080315BOE

Fortunately, the room is larger than a closet.

The board hopes to be setting up operations in the newly renovated offices on Sept. 1. The renovation was necessary because the board had outgrown its quarters in the mezzanine and basement of the county building, especially as early in-person voting has become so popular. With some shifting of other department offices the board will be located in expanded space in the same area as before. The renovation includes new secure space for early voting that will make it possible for people to vote electronically rather than on paper ballots, expediting the process and cutting down on the need to remake paper ballots that have not been clearly marked or have other issues.

Pictured clockwise from bottom left are Montgomery County Board of Elections Director Jan Kelly, Deputy Director Steve Harsman, finance managers Cathy Merkle and Linda Brewster and board members Rhine McLin, Kay Wick, Greg Gantt and John Doll.

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