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Error may kill fireworks bill

Our Statehouse reporter Laura Bischoff is reporting that Ohio’s effort to legalize setting off consumer fireworks fizzled on Wednesday when the House Health Committee mistakenly adjourned before all the votes on the bill were counted.

The committee voted 10-8 in favor of the bill but some members voted after the meeting had adjourned. Save some other procedural maneuver today, the bill will die when lawmakers finish up the two-year legislative session today.

The bill calls for allowing adults to buy, possess and set off 1.4 G consumer fireworks, such as firecrackers and bottle rockets, at any time of the day. Opponents argue that this would lead to noise complaints, fires and injuries, including to innocent bystanders. Supporters argue that backyard fireworks are already widespread and legalizing them gives the state a chance to educate users about safety and proper use.


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